The primary function of SEO or the search engine optimization is to do analyze the website.  It is the primary purpose of your SEO that he makes sure that your website is on the top most and front page of the Google search engine. Whenever any person searches out any particular topic, your website should be on the top list of the search engine. Many of the SEO think that the examination or the investigation part is the most boring and time-consuming part of the work to do. So the best thing is to hire SEO companies in Mumbai for all your SEO and Web designing Needs.Web design with SEO

To remove the monotonous and the boring routine, the SEO have started to use the SEO tools that are new and also help them to make their work a little more interesting. The world outside is full of rivalry; everyone wants to get ahead in this race of internet.  Everyone intends to use the best SEO tools, so that be number one in this race.

Here are some of the best SEO tools that are being used to make sure that the SEO are successful in their job-


The WEB SEO is suitable for handling and controlling PPC or SEO campaigns. It is one of the best SEO tools that has received a lot of acclaims for it’s good and smooth communication with the customers or it’s users.  It is one of the most preferred SEO tools.  This SEO tools is not at all repetitive and does the automatic controls the whole system of operating in the website. It will help to get your website ranked very easily. You will not have to make much effort for it.


This is another SEO tool that has got a lot of praise for its superior performance.  The full form of IBP is Business promoter.  The IBP software does the three essential tasks-  development, advancement, and trail.  The IBP has got a unique feature of giving regular updates.  It keeps you informed regarding what is going on regarding the analysis of the website and what the scenario is. This SEO tool also makes sure that your site in on the top of almost every search engine is it Google, Bing, and Yahoo.SEO Companies

SEO Semrush

It is one tool that no SEO can forget while doing the analyzing work of the website. It is one of the most preferred tools by the SEO experts. This tool carries the report regarding the research, advertising research, and other things. It is used by millions of people. there is one web designing Delhi based company who uses these tools to analyze their competitor websites and provides possible solutions to their customers.

SEO Powersuite

It is also one of the most powerful tools used by the SEO experts. It has got easy to use features that can be quickly understood. Even the fresher SEO can easily handle it.  Some industries have got the advantage of using this standard SEO power suite.

* SEO profiler

This SEO tool does the work of building, WebPages audit and also keyword search.  It does a great job of quickly making the websites rank without much effort as all the work is itself handled by the tool.